Easter weekend – 4 days filled with chocolate, hot cross buns, walks in the sunshine and of course – love it or hate it – the election campaign! How many of us watched the election TV debate and afterwards took to our keyboards to voice our reactions to what we had seen?

It seems widely acknowledged that social media is the way to reach our younger demographic but social media isn’t exclusively for the young – it has a varied following and more importantly a wide-reaching one.

Yet social media can be cruel as well as kind and MPs have like many, fallen victim to it, finding themselves out of a job after tweeting. So is it worth the risk?

It seems that campaigners think so. We are seeing political parties slowly moving towards winning over the crowds following social media rather than those following media companies and news channels.

But as social media is largely unregulated and intentionally personal, are we heading for an election campaign full of dirty tactics and personal attacks? With social media do we risk losing sight of the key messages that are being communicated?


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