If you’re one of the 7% of internet users still using Internet Explorer 6, then now is the time to think about upgrading to a more modern web browser. You run a higher risk of virus infection or identity theft, and with Google officially dropping support for IE6 in January 2010, many of your favourite websites may soon stop working properly unless you upgrade.

How can I tell if I need to upgrade?

Not sure if you’re using Internet Explorer 6? Well it’s easy to find out, so you might as well check now:

In the toolbar menu on the top of your screen click “Help” and choose “About Internet Explorer”. This will give you a screen with the version you’re using. (Later versions of Internet Explorer don’t have the “Help” menu, so if you can’t see this then you’re safe).

Why should I upgrade?

So you’re happy with what you have at the moment and still not convinced you should upgrade? Well here’s why:

  • Internet Explorer 6 has many security problems: You’re more likely to get a virus on your computer, and you’re more likely to become a victim of identity theft
  • Many websites don’t work properly with Internet Explorer 6: The browser has many bugs which can cause webpages to display incorrectly, or even crash your computer. With big websites like Google and YouTube ending support for IE6, you may find your Internet experience becomes very limited!
  • Internet Explorer 6 is holding back the Internet: Web developers such as us spend hours fixing website problems caused by IE6. This is a waste of time and money, which could otherwise have been spent improving the experience for users of modern web browsers

How can I upgrade?

We hope you’re now convinced that you should upgrade your browser. Fortunately doing this is easy.

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