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The client

Mucon develops and produces solids handling equipment including iris valves, slide valves, disc valves and more across a huge number of industries from food to pharmaceutical.

The challenge

Mucon products were sitting on their parent website and as the brand began to grow they decided they would like to separate the Mucon products and host them on their own website.

As this was a brand new website, the main challenge came in the form of product organisation. The first challenge was to establish exactly how customers would be searching for products, whether by name or application.

Following on from this it was essential that we then found the most aesthetically pleasing and functional way to display all the relevant information for all products, including comprehensive download section for videos, image gallery, online brochure, specification/technical document PDFs, and technical CAD images.

The results

The resulting website boasts a clean, fresh design, clearly displaying all products and including visitor friendly features such as the product selector. This tool allows visitors to begin their selection by choosing their particular requirement, which then filters the products down accordingly and continues to filter products down as they select further options.

There is also a security protected download section which allows Mucon to capture customer data. The site was launched in August 2013.



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