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Twitter’s Vine holds promise for social media marketing

This week, Twitter unleashed Vine on the world, but what could that mean for social media marketing?

First, it’s best to sum up what Vine actually is, and in a sense it does for video what Twitter itself does for blogging.

It’s an iOS app that creates six-second videos, which are intended to distil some longer event into an animated snapshot.

This will never be as detailed as, for example, a corporate YouTube video might be, but it also doesn’t require so much detail in its development.

In essence, a Vine video is a hybrid between a full video clip and a static photograph, effectively sharing only an instant, but retaining some motion at the same time.

Dom Hofmann, co-founder and general manager of Vine, announced the launch of the software and its acquisition by Twitter at the same time on the Vine blog this week, adding: “[Like Twitter] we also believe constraint inspires creativity, whether it’s through a 140-character tweet, or a six-second video.”

For social media marketing campaigns, it’s arguably a way to add a touch of life to static pages, without having to go to the trouble of creating a full video.

However, it remains to be seen whether marketers will embrace Vine for such a purpose, or whether it will simply become a gimmick used by bloggers.