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web design Manchester

With effective web design Manchester retailers can ‘turn bricks to clicks’

With high street footfall down 5.2% in the latest British Retail Consortium figures, it’s a good time to look at the kinds of web design Manchester retailers might turn to, in order to complement their bricks-and-mortar business with online sales. The retail segment is one of the most controversial industries where the conflict between online… more »

Time for an Olympic effort on sporting SEO

Major events like the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games raise plenty of questions for SEO – not least the issue of whether people will be online and buying during the Olympics, or whether they’ll shut down their computers and sit in front of the telly instead. On that concern, there’s good news from PricewaterhouseCoopers, whose… more »

Google search engine optimisation tips for Manchester businesses

New Google search engine optimisation tips give Manchester businesses an insight into what is – and what isn’t – acceptable in the age of Penguin and Panda. Garen Checkley, part of Google’s search quality team, writes on the company’s Google and Your Business blog that high-quality content is the first thing webmasters should ensure they… more »

AIDA in web design

Ever since 1897 when E. St. Elmo Lewis started to contemplate about advertising principles we’ve abided by his four step process of selling a product or service to potential customers, attract attention, maintain interest, create desire and get action, which has been turned into the marketing acronym AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action). Web design… more »

Conceptual Web Design

Wayne Seddon, Designer Every now and then it’s nice to break away from the normal rules and regulations of web design and come up with something totally new and creative. The concept behind this redesign of our very own First Internet website is based on the periodic table, but instead of chemical elements, we used… more »

Thanks to good website design Manchester City Council services are easier to find

The ease of finding information and performing tasks like paying council tax are two elements of website design Manchester City Council’s site performs particularly well on, according to a new ranking of council sites nationwide. With information easy to find and online services available and reliable, Manchester City Council was ranked among the country’s top… more »

Coloured-in web design Manchester-style

Last week we looked at one aspect of web design Manchester sites are using to reach the top of the search results – their on-page SEO. But once you arrive there, what are the other types of web design Manchester properties use to enhance your experience? One often-overlooked consideration is that of colour: it can… more »

Mobile Blogs a Key Part of Web Design Manchester Firms Should Consider

One of the areas of investment in web design Manchester firms may have overlooked is in the creation of a mobile-friendly blog. Whether that is a Cascading Style Sheet that displays your regular blog in a mobile-friendly layout, or an entirely separate site for smartphone users, there is a growing audience for social content on… more »

Branding and Web Design Manchester

Your brand is your image, and it says a lot about you. We can all identify business brands that we like and trust, as well as those that we are likely to view in a more negative light. This means that getting the right branding for your company is vital and it can have a… more »

Three Important Features of Web Design

There are many important components of web design Manchester, so this is by no means an exhaustive list. However, it should give you some idea what’s involved with web design, so read on to find out about three important features of creating a great website. The layout As you might expect, the layout of your… more »

Ecommerce Web Design Manchester

Do you strive to provide your customers with the highest standard of service? Are you looking to increase the profits of your business? If the answer is ‘yes’ to those questions, then web design Manchester are the solution. Web design Manchester can design an ecommerce website which is tailored to your individual requirements. Quality ecommerce… more »

Web Design Manchester – What’s New?

Stephen Fry is at it again, Tweeting, that is. But this time he is using the latest innovation in web design Twibbon. Twibbon is the new way to publicize a cause online. Historically, social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have been under exploited in terms of generating traffic for charitable causes. Twibbon enables… more »