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Social media gets all the attention, but email marketing isn’t dead


Despite the fact that social media gets ALL of the attention, email marketing is still a popular and highly effective marketing channel, and is by no means “dead”. While social media is becoming more and more profitable, there have been many reports that it could be a potentially huge mistake to stop your email marketing… more »

Chocolate and Politics!


Easter weekend – 4 days filled with chocolate, hot cross buns, walks in the sunshine and of course – love it or hate it – the election campaign! How many of us watched the election TV debate and afterwards took to our keyboards to voice our reactions to what we had seen? It seems widely… more »

Spring Trends for Digital Interaction

You are building a relationship with people who may continue to use your product for the next 25 years. Those interactions that you have, particularly through social streams that you can get through digital, are super valuable. It would be a shame not to invest in that. Chris Moody, Creative Director at Wolff Olins, speaking… more »

Surfing Holidays


It’s that time of year again where Christmas is a distant memory and people are searching for holiday destinations and booking their spring breaks and summer holidays. Thanks to the internet and the multiple resources on offer, the process of booking your holiday has completely changed for many people. Everywhere is deemed accessible now and… more »

Bing Klout extends influence beyond social media

The issue of ‘influence’ has been hotly debated ever since Klout arrived, claiming to provide a score-based assessment of an individual’s online influence. Klout has, until recently, been concerned solely with influence on social networks – including the big ones like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But what about people who have a high degree of… more »

Microsoft unlocks multilingual mobile social media marketing

New technologies and the ever-shrinking size of the ‘global village’ are making new marketing methods available, including, thanks to Microsoft, multilingual mobile social media marketing. That mouthful represents the development of automated translation of non-English tweets in the Twitter for Windows Phone app, making it much easier to market your products and services internationally within… more »

Social media convergence: Have Facebook made a hash of it?

Social media is a curious sphere of online marketing as technology often imitates life, with users of one social network (e.g. Facebook) frequently suspicious and disparaging of those on another (e.g. Twitter). So it should come as no surprise that many ardent Facebook fans have been left unimpressed by the news that the social network… more »

The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust

The Children’s Adventure Farm provides a variety of programmes for terminally ill, disabled and disadvantaged children. They needed a website that adequately displayed the full reach of the charity and the fun and hope the Children’s Adventure Farm gives the children that visit the farm. The new website is designed to reflect the charity’s youth… more »

Replacing RSS with social media marketing

If RSS has been an important element in your online marketing mix during the past 7-8 years, it might be time to start looking for an alternative – and social media marketing could be the right next move. Google have announced that they are to retire Google Reader this summer, removing what, for power users… more »

Online marketing generates highest-quality leads

Online marketing efforts generate the best-quality leads in B2B demand generation, according to a benchmark report from Software Advice’s Marketing Mentor service. The software comparison site recently published its latest findings following a survey of 155 firms in technology, marketing, healthcare and other disciplines. They found two different online marketing methods top the table when… more »

Twitter’s Vine holds promise for social media marketing

This week, Twitter unleashed Vine on the world, but what could that mean for social media marketing? First, it’s best to sum up what Vine actually is, and in a sense it does for video what Twitter itself does for blogging. It’s an iOS app that creates six-second videos, which are intended to distil some… more »

Six steps to social media excellence

Gartner’s six steps to social media excellence highlight some of the most common oversights committed by marketing managers who forget that social networks are about collaboration – and, therefore, that the audience must be involved too. Participation tops the list, as active involvement of the audience helps to build follower numbers, rather than old-style corporate… more »

Rise of The Social Shoppers

Across Britain, shopping is considered a leisure activity, however, with the introduction of e-commerce, this important social aspect has been removed. Using social media sites to reintroduce social elements to the shopping process is a powerful tool that retailers should utilise. According to new research from Barclays, 41% of the UK’s consumer population is expected… more »

Ambitious but antisocial Brits lag Europe on social media marketing

A new Aberdeen Group research brief sheds light on the potential differences between ambition and reality in the social media marketing Manchester firms – and their nationwide counterparts – are currently carrying out. On the surface, it seems UK firms are more engaged than their neighbours in Europe, with 71% of British companies currently or… more »

Can Random Acts of Kindness boost your business?

Making purchases based on recommendations from friends, family and colleagues is nothing new. However, the arrival of social media has made it considerably easier to spread the word about a company or product to a much wider audience, in an instant. Many businesses are capitalising on this in a rather unusual and endearing way. The… more »

Battle of the S’s (Social Media vs. Search Engine Marketing)

Kat Halsall, Client Services. We are all aware of the increasing importance of social media to our brand, and of search engine marketing to gain traffic to the site, but which is more important? There’s only one way to find out … Let’s get ready to rumble… Weigh in: When it comes to leads, Search… more »

With social media marketing Manchester hospitality firms can drive success

A new report from the British Hospitality Association has some useful suggestions for the approach to social media marketing Manchester firms adopt. The news update points out that, before the internet, word of mouth was impossible to predict and hard to manage, whereas social networks mean it can now be followed much more easily. Figures… more »

United set example for social media marketing Manchester firms can follow

In recent weeks we’ve looked at their website design and their search engine optimisation, but this month it’s the social media marketing Manchester United have carried out that’s making the headlines. The football club were one of the first companies to migrate to the new Timeline on their Facebook page – and they show how… more »

Insights into social media marketing Manchester-style

There are lots of different sides to social media marketing Manchester businesses need to take into account. For instance, how closely do you target your local area? Earlier this month, we saw how Leeds and London residents both search for queries involving the word ‘Manchester’ – roughly one seventh as often as Manchester residents do…. more »

Tips for social media marketing Manchester clients should remember

There are plenty of rules of thumb about social media marketing Manchester clients would do well to remember. For instance, when you host a blog, you need to be sure that your content is not all about you, but that it offers some value to your readers as well. You don’t have to be funny… more »