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The romance and heartbreak of Valentine’s Day SEO

This month brought with it the lucrative retail opportunity of Valentine’s Day, and understandably many short-term SEO campaigns were launched to compete for the top spots in romance-related search results. However, results from Bing show that some terms may have performed better than others, while one slightly heartbreaking long-tail keyword ranked above all others. First… more »

21st century web developers can learn from our caveman past

21st century web developers face a challenge the likes of which has never been seen before, as consumer tastes change at an unprecedented rate, guided by developments in technology. That is the assertion of Intellima, a retail market analyst, in a report that draws parallels between modern technology-driven shopping behaviour, and social structures dating back… more »

Mobile marketing activities should plan for the end of the ‘duopoly’

Mobile marketing activities – including online marketing of websites aimed at smartphone devices and tablets – may need to be revised in the months to come. If a market led by a single operator is a monopoly, then the mobile space has been a ‘duopoly’ in recent years, with Google’s Android platform dominating and Apple’s… more »

Nielsen reports highlight importance of web design for portable screens

Web design is no longer an easily defined discipline – gone are the days when a ‘website’ was simply an on-screen equivalent of a printed page. The web is still very much governed by a network of hyperlinks, but the way those links – and the content that surrounds them – are delivered to your… more »

SEO is here to stay

Econsultancy have valued today’s UK SEO market as being worth £436m. This is an increase of 16% in 2010. The information is available to view in the 2011 SEO Agencies Buyer’s Guide, which has just been published. The figures represent all money which has been spent on search engine optimisation in the UK. This includes… more »

Online Advertising Overtakes Traditional Media

Christmas 2010 will go down in history as the time when all retailers realised they could no longer afford to ignore online. As the high street struggled with spiralling market conditions and dwindling consumer confidence, online retailers enjoyed record sales and an increase in the number of people buying online. Recent figures from the IAB… more »

M-commerce and its Importance to Web Design

Unlike the US, many retailers in the UK have been quite slow to embrace – m-commerce. In the ever changing world of web design, it is vital that e-tailers keep on top of customer demands, especially in the current market conditions. When you consider that the number of people accessing the internet via their mobile… more »

Desperate To Get Through?

As anti-spam protocols become more and more sophisticated, and the e-mail market becomes increasingly saturated with brands, each trying to get their message across. How can you ensure your e-mail campaign not only get delivered, but also results in that most important click-through? While deliverability and conversion continue to be pressing issues for email marketing,… more »

How to make a website ‘sticky’

Stephen Alexander, managing director of First Internet, the Manchester-based new-media-solutions agency, firmly believes that there’s little value in spending time and effort on search engine optimisation for your website if the site itself is not attractive and compelling to visitors. Here, Stephen offers his tips on making a website appealing and usable to ensure that… more »

First Internet sends Innovation Only website live

Hale based new media solutions agency First Internet has developed a revolutionary website that is truly one of a kind; www.innovationonly.com. Innovation Only was created to enable new products and technology in industry to be introduced quickly and successfully into their potential markets. As the first of its kind, Innovation Only is an exclusive interactive… more »