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Google and Bing weigh in on responsive web design for mobile marketing

Responsive web design is already a fairly well established trend in mobile marketing, but we are still at the stage where any comments on the subject from Google or Bing could help to directly revise your approach to designing mobile sites. In the past few days, both of the search engine giants have blogged on… more »

Nielsen reports highlight importance of web design for portable screens

Web design is no longer an easily defined discipline – gone are the days when a ‘website’ was simply an on-screen equivalent of a printed page. The web is still very much governed by a network of hyperlinks, but the way those links – and the content that surrounds them – are delivered to your… more »

Online shoppers want responsive web design for Christmas

As the Christmas shopping period comes to a head – and we move into December itself – the value of responsive web design has been highlighted once again. In a recent Verdict report, the retail analyst looks at the trends it expects to see emerge this festive season, amid an estimated £86 billion in Christmas… more »

Responsive web design needed as mobile to become mainstream by 2014

As 2012 nears its end, it’s worth looking ahead little more than a year, when responsive web design could become critical to cater for the majority of your website visitors. In a new study from Mind Commerce, the analyst notes that mobile web traffic now accounts for a tenth of all internet access – up… more »

Google recommends responsive web design for tablets

In recent years, the development of the mobile web has posed specific web design problems for those whose sites need to be accessed on the move. First it was WAP, and then 3G, and now mobile devices are gaining 4G support alongside Wi-Fi capabilities; so where do tablets fit into this spectrum? With larger displays… more »

Getting eCommerce web design right as ‘clicks replace bricks’

As ‘clicks replace bricks’ in the world of consumer packaged goods, eCommerce web design can address some of the main barriers to customers shopping online for such products, while making the most of the benefits. Internet analyst Nielsen has drawn up a shortlist of two of each, terming them ‘barriers and enablers to E-commerce’, and… more »

Imagery makes all the difference

Imagery is a key ingredient in any website, whether it be illustration or photography, images invoke emotion and can instantly set the atmosphere for your website. Imagery can make the difference between a good website and an amazing website, a customer buying your product or going elsewhere, or just making your business look more professional…. more »

The Professional Web Design Process: Design

The second part of the web design process id the actual design itself. This where we take the wireframes and content from the planning stage and dress it up according to the clients’ brand guidelines. Mock-ups We design the necessary pages and elements in Photoshop which allows for relatively easy modifications so if the client… more »

The Professional Web Design Process: Planning

Following a detailed and well explained web design and development process speeds up our workflow and thus saves the client money and save everyone involved a lot of headaches. Hopefully once the process has been explained to the client they’ll feel much more confident and comfortable with the services they’re paying for. This series of… more »

We do design for print too!

Here at First Internet we specialise in web design and online marketing, but we also provide design for print such as brochures, stationary, logos etc. Today I’m going to talk about business cards – the design process and the options available to you. Content Comes First Content is king so make sure you have all… more »