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Seasonal Web Designs for CAFT

The key to having a good website is to make sure it gets updated regularly, not only does it show that you’re proactive and care about your business, it’s good for your SEO rankings. There are many ways to keep things ticking over, for example; a blog, a Twitter feed, a forum or maybe some… more »

Can Random Acts of Kindness boost your business?

Making purchases based on recommendations from friends, family and colleagues is nothing new. However, the arrival of social media has made it considerably easier to spread the word about a company or product to a much wider audience, in an instant. Many businesses are capitalising on this in a rather unusual and endearing way. The… more »

Google search engine optimisation tips for Manchester businesses

New Google search engine optimisation tips give Manchester businesses an insight into what is – and what isn’t – acceptable in the age of Penguin and Panda. Garen Checkley, part of Google’s search quality team, writes on the company’s Google and Your Business blog that high-quality content is the first thing webmasters should ensure they… more »

Google+ Local – an end to location-specific SEO for Manchester sites?

If you’ve been reading some of the recent blog posts published on other sites about the launch of Google+ Local, you could be forgiven for thinking the new pages spell the end of location-specific SEO for Manchester webmasters, and for those in other cities too. However, a closer look at what Google have actually said… more »

Branding and Web Design Manchester

Your brand is your image, and it says a lot about you. We can all identify business brands that we like and trust, as well as those that we are likely to view in a more negative light. This means that getting the right branding for your company is vital and it can have a… more »

Key Components of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing Manchester is something that’s really important for local businesses. After all, with such a competitive marketplace, it’s important to do as much as you can to get your message across. If you’re serious about success with social media marketing Manchester, it’s important to have a good strategy in place. Everything you do… more »

SEO Manchester – Why Local Businesses Need SEO

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is something that all businesses can make use of. With so many companies now making the move online, it is more important than ever that they do all they can to stand out. SEO plays an important part in this and, if it’s done properly, it can have good results…. more »

The Importance of Web Development for Business

Web development is not just about making a website look the part; web development is what makes a website functional. Web development should always be approached with the user in mind. A website is a way for a business to gain customers by promoting what the company is all about. Other websites go one step… more »

Reach your audience with a Blog

Blogging is a great form of social media which really allows a business to engage with its clients and customers. Many companies are a bit reluctant to begin writing blogs as they don’t really know what to write; do not have enough time and can’t see what benefit they will have on their business. This… more »

Optimise your Business with SEO Manchester

I bet you were thinking that the days of popularity contests were long gone… Well, you’re mistaken. However, popularity is a whole different game. Now it isn’t about you, it’s about your website. That is basically what SEO is all about; getting your website high in the popularity stakes with the search engines and then,… more »

SEO Manchester separates the men from the boys

Are you a local business in Manchester? Are you lost behind hundreds of other businesses on the internet? If the answer is yes, then it is time to experience SEO Manchester. At First Internet out knowledgeable and experienced SEO Manchester team can get you noticed by those ever-important search engines. SEO Manchester can find the… more »

Logged in with Stephen Alexander

If you’d like an insight into the workings of MD Stephen Alexander’s brain take a look at the interview below that appeared recently on the North West Business Desk….. LOGGED In With. . .  Stephen Alexander Organisation: First Internet Employees: 12 Job title: Managing Director Career highlights: Knowing that I started the First Internet business… more »

Linkedin Launches Social News Platform

Now you can keep up with all the latest industry news via Linkedin. It has been announced that the social media site has now launched its very own news platform that enables users to see what news people within their network are reading and discussing, as well as being updated with news relevant to their… more »

How Social Media can Benefit Small Businesses

Whether you are looking to gain new customers or to have a strong presence online for a unique business then social media is a channel that you should consider investing in. It is easy to dismiss social media by assuming that it is too time consuming to keep up to date, but there are now… more »

Quicker Broadband Means Better Web Design

One of the main technological innovations, that has changed the way in which we work in modern society, is the increasing speed of business broadband. The phrase ‘going into the office’ while not quite obsolete, has definitely been redefined by high speed access to business broadband. Therefore, it may come as a shock to some… more »