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Share-happy youngsters offer rich data mine for online marketers

Mining data from your customers could become easier than ever for online marketers in the years to come, as Generation Z reach maturity.

The current generation of 18 to 24-year-olds – also sometimes called the ‘Facebook Generation’ – have revealed their willingness to relinquish their personal data in a new survey by Experian.

Although the six methods of data mining include some offline techniques – such as phone calls, texts and ‘snail mail’ – online marketers reaching potential customers via email, Facebook and Twitter complete the list.

Experian found just 18% of consumers of any age are unwilling to share personal data via any of these methods, despite defining ‘data’ as a lengthy list of details including postal address, email address, mobile phone number, relationship status, income and Facebook profile name.

More than half – 55% of those surveyed across all age groups – would happily relinquish this information via any single method mentioned, making good news for online marketers with a focus on a specific channel.

But it’s multi-channel marketing that may work best with Generation Z, as 38% of that demographic would share their details across three, four or five channels, compared with 27% across all age groups.

Jon Buss, managing director of digital at Experian Marketing Services, says: “Clearly the challenge for brands is to get more of their customers sharing data across more channels.

“Being transparent, truthful and honest with them is essential to gain trust and build stronger relationships.”

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