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Pastel turtlenecks? SEO trends for 2015

pastel turtleneck

Bing have published their SEO predictions for 2015, spanning a range of topic areas like fashion and technology – and if you’re one of the few retailers selling pastel turtlenecks, you’re in luck.

In Europe, the top three fashion trends at present are pastels, harem pants and turtlenecks, quite the outfit if you were to team them together.

Take a look at food trends, and pulled pork is out on top, continuing the seemingly unstoppable rise of the dish during the second half of 2014.

Meanwhile, the second and third spots are occupied by snack-food stalwarts kebabs and hummus.

In technology, wearables top the list – more on that in a moment – with digital personal assistants (think Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana) and home automation completing the top three.

Wearables are so significant for 2015 that Bing have broken them down further, and it’s no surprise to see Apple Watch top that shortlist, with Samsung Gear devices second and Microsoft Band third.

Any and all of these terms are predicted to be among 2015’s hottest search trends – so if you’re in a related discipline, it’s worth getting started now to boost your organic SEO rankings early in the year.