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‘Mobile is the future’ says Bing

If you are not already investing in responsive web design, optimisation for mobile devices and compatibility with touchscreen interfaces, 2014 may be the year to do so.

According to a Bing blog post, webmasters who fail to invest in catering for a mobile audience during the current year will fall behind the pack.

Senior product manager Duane Forrester writes: “In the next year, if you’re not already designing to serve people in the mobile environment, you’ll be falling behind those who are.”

He adds that “more business and traffic is coming from tablets, phablets and smartphones than ever” – and a simple m-dot website is no longer good enough.

Instead, webmasters need to couple their responsive web design with careful handling of their existing audience, to avoid alienating current users.

Changes should be carefully tested, driven by usability, and explained in full when they are made.

Small details should be given sufficient attention – for example, Mr Forrester points out that 280 hours of work went into the redesign of Facebook’s ‘like’ button.

And for the best outcomes, a combination of audacious design and humility should help to create something that is eye-catching, yet offers a high degree of usability.

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