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Measurement matters in online marketing

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What matters most in online marketing? Is it crafting the perfect marketing message, reaching the most potential customers, or the total number or size of orders placed?

The answer, according to a Google Analytics Blog post, is measurement, which allows you to track the performance of all of the different aspects of your online marketing.

Google Analytics product marketing manager Sara Jablon Moked writes: “Better measurement is the answer.

“It’s the key to understanding and making the most of these interconnected touchpoints, but it’s not always top of mind when building marketing campaigns.”

She outlines a four-step approach to measurement-focused online marketing, including:

  • Focusing on the right metrics before embarking on the campaign;
  • Modelling customers based on lifetime value to identify the ‘best’ prospects;
  • Tracking the customer’s full journey to see which touchpoints are working;
  • Proving marketing impact by predicting what would have happened without the marketing spend.

Together, all of these forms of measurement can bring online marketing campaigns together in a sensible and understood way, helping to highlight what is already working well, and flagging up potential areas for improvement.