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Getting eCommerce web design right as ‘clicks replace bricks’

As ‘clicks replace bricks’ in the world of consumer packaged goods, eCommerce web design can address some of the main barriers to customers shopping online for such products, while making the most of the benefits.

Internet analyst Nielsen has drawn up a shortlist of two of each, terming them ‘barriers and enablers to E-commerce’, and effective eCommerce web design will need to take these into account in order to maximise the chances of success when selling these goods in a virtual store.

For instance, CPG products are often purchased to address an immediate need – such as snack foods – and next-day or even same-day delivery might be a means to overcome the problem presented by the remote nature of online shopping.

The ability to check the quality of fresh produce is a further obstacle, but already some brands are succeeding in overcoming this simply by having the highest possible standards or by specialising in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Among the benefits, convenience is the obvious advantage of online shopping, particularly with goods like toilet paper, which can be stocked up on well in advance.

Finally, the perception of the price to value ratio of a product can also be favourable online, helping the web to cater for cost-conscious shoppers.

Jeanne Danubio, senior vice-president of consumer and shopper analytics at Nielsen, says: “The key to success in the digital shopping environment is understanding shopper needs, how a product category gets shopped, and the digital touchpoints that influence shoppers’ decisions along the path to purchase.”

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