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First Internet nails Nailease launch

Nailease – the innovative, new beauty company offering ‘instant manicures for girls on the go’ – has launched to a real buzz with the unveiling of an interactive website www.nailease.co.uk following a strategic pre-publicity teaser campaign.

First Internet  handled the design and build of the site and is also tasked with search engine optimisation (SEO), social media and online PR campaigns for Nailease – and is the creative brain behind the successful social media campaign to launch Nailease’s arrival. The online nail-biting anticipation created before the website launch ensured strong sales from day one, with social media referrals still accounting for almost 10% of all purchases from the site.

Featuring videos and tips on how to apply the product, alongside press coverage and testimonials, the Nailese website is easy to navigate with constantly updated material to draw visitors on a repeat basis.

Steven Silver, managing director at Nailease, is delighted with the great success First Internet has brought to Nailease’s launch. He said: “The site looks great and the online hype surrounding our launch was exactly what we needed. First Internet translated our website brief into a tool that’s easy to use, modern and interactive – exactly what we hoped for – and since the online launch our products have been stocked in Boots the Chemists and we’re now set to launch the brand at Harvey Nichols London. These high profile successes are in no small part down to the professional, aspirational look of the website and eye-catching online marketing.”

Managing director at First Internet, Stephen Alexander, commented: “With Nailease being a new launch, both building brand awareness and the initial impact of the website were crucial. We wanted to create an air of great expectation surrounding the launch and a website that is easy to use, fresh and shows straight away what the product is.

“The use of video on the site is important as it is a great tool for promoting the product to its full potential. The site will encourage customers to visit again and again as more unique content is uploaded.”

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