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Local SEO

New Bing Maps – new local SEO opportunities?


Head over to Bing Maps and you’ll be given the option of viewing the new version of Microsoft’s online mapping site – so are there new local SEO opportunities to be found within? The good thing is, at the moment, you can click the ‘Tips’ button bottom-right to see the walkthrough, even if you’ve previously… more »

How Schema’s LocalBusiness can help your local SEO


Responsive web design is about making your website mobile-friendly – bigger text, plenty of white space, and links that can easily be clicked or tapped, even on a small screen. But it’s also intrinsically linked with local searches, as many people searching for you from a mobile device are likely to be nearby, either in… more »

5 Tips for Local SEO in Manchester


The internet made the world into a ‘global village’, but that’s no reason to turn your back on your local customer base – here are five of our top tips for local SEO in Manchester. Know the city First of all, use your local knowledge – are your customers in Didsbury or Denton? Withington or… more »