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Beyond mobile-friendly: Linking apps for Bing indexing


If you have a mobile-friendly or fully responsive website, you might think you’ve done everything you need to do in order to continue ranking well in mobile search results.

To an extent, that may be true; but while on Google you might receive the ‘mobile-friendly’ tick, Bing are looking to go beyond just your website, and allow your smartphone and tablet apps to be indexed better directly in the search results.

Achieving this requires you to pass a little information Bing’s way, using Applinks markup in your page header to associate your website URL with the URI of your app in the relevant store or marketplace.

Do this and content from within your apps will begin to be indexed alongside your regular website, potentially boosting your search presence substantially for mobile users.

Bing have also suggested using Schema.org markup to specify the content and the actions that can be performed on it, so that search engines know how to include this in their results.

In either case, these are sizeable but potentially lucrative undertakings, and Bing have created an Applinks Markup Tester tool to verify when your page is set up – so, like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool, you can feel confident that you’re up and running once it’s done.