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August 2015

Twitter DM changes make social media marketing easier


Many businesses and sole traders use Twitter as a key component in their social media marketing mix, but recent changes have made it increasingly easy to do this. If you have never investigated Twitter as a way of reaching out to potential buyers, it is perhaps a better time than ever before to consider putting… more »

What will Alphabet Inc mean for Google SEO?


Alphabet Inc has dominated the headlines over the past week or so, following the surprise announcement that Google’s search activities are to become just one company of many under a new parent brand. So what does this mean for Google SEO? Well, it shouldn’t mean any major changes – think of it more as a… more »

Twitter glitch notifies users of own activity


Several Twitter users have been bemused this week after receiving notification emails to tell them they have just favourited a tweet. Twitter routinely informs users if a tweet in which they are mentioned is favourited by another user; however, it seems an update has removed its ability to filter out when that user is the… more »