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July 2015

Google embrace EU cookie law


It might be a case of ‘better late than never’, but Google seem to finally be embracing the EU cookie law that requires website visitors to be notified if a site is going to store cookies on their system. Several Google services appear to have ‘switched on’ to the recently introduced rules all at the… more »

UK govt outlines plans to reach new online groups


The ever-changing nature of online audiences is a challenge for any webmaster, but when you’re the UK government you have an obligation to keep pace with how people use the internet. In its new Government Communications Plan, the Cabinet Office has set out exactly some of the trends that the government is responding to. “Societal… more »

New Bing Maps – new local SEO opportunities?


Head over to Bing Maps and you’ll be given the option of viewing the new version of Microsoft’s online mapping site – so are there new local SEO opportunities to be found within? The good thing is, at the moment, you can click the ‘Tips’ button bottom-right to see the walkthrough, even if you’ve previously… more »

How Schema’s LocalBusiness can help your local SEO


Responsive web design is about making your website mobile-friendly – bigger text, plenty of white space, and links that can easily be clicked or tapped, even on a small screen. But it’s also intrinsically linked with local searches, as many people searching for you from a mobile device are likely to be nearby, either in… more »

5 Tips for Local SEO in Manchester


The internet made the world into a ‘global village’, but that’s no reason to turn your back on your local customer base – here are five of our top tips for local SEO in Manchester. Know the city First of all, use your local knowledge – are your customers in Didsbury or Denton? Withington or… more »