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July 2014

Google Pigeon boosts prospects for local SEO further

Google Pigeon

Have you heard of Google Pigeon – the search engine’s latest algorithm update, which targets local SEO – since its introduction around the end of June? As always, these things take some time to shake out, and the first outcomes of Google Pigeon have not been wholly positive. The update appears to be based on… more »

The Social Side of the Commonwealth Games


Social media is used by many of us daily and this is no different for the athletes and sponsors that are taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. The 2014 Commonwealth Games is fully underway now and with 4,950 athletes and 2,000 performers there are plenty of things to be tweeting about. Users were… more »

Blogging on the right side of the law


Modern digital marketing agencies offer a broad range of services, not only including online advertising and pay per click, along with the mature methods of SEO, but also ever-evolving social media and content marketing such as blogging. But a case from France highlights why it can be safer to outsource blogging to your digital marketing… more »

Always On: Millennials, smartphones and social media

smartphone design

Social media and mobile website design are among the key aspects of online marketing Manchester companies carry out week in, week out – but just how engaged are potential customers with social networks and smartphone-based web access? If your customer base is in the Millennials demographic, currently aged in their 20s-30s, the answer is that… more »

Snappy marketing inspired by Luis Suarez


With the World Cup final breaking Twitter and Facebook records, boasting more interactions than the Super Bowl, and more than 672 million tweets overall, it is ever clearer how integral social media has become in world events. Celebrities, civilians and brands alike were Tweeting and Facebooking throughout the tournament and advertisers were shifting ad budgets… more »

World Cup SEO: Rooney wide of the mark (again)

The Google Official Blog has published some of the top search trends in World Cup SEO, and for England fans they do not make for inspiring reading. Following the England team’s worst-ever World Cup performance (apart from the times they failed to qualify at all), you might imagine that events like Wayne Rooney’s first-ever goal… more »

The line is just a dot to you!

Kat Halsall

Google loves to keep us on our toes and is constantly moving the goal posts, just last week they dropped some of the key features of Google authorship – a project it’s been pushing and promoting since 2011. With Google’s continuous updates and changing of direction it is imperative to cover all bases and compliment… more »