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November 2013

Strengthening the link between social media and SEO

social media and SEO

There are various Webmaster Tools platforms to help you manage your SEO campaigns, but knowing how your social media activities interact with your main website can be difficult. Now, however, Bing has introduced Connected Pages, a way to associate social media accounts on third-party networks with your Bing Webmaster Tools account for your self-hosted websites…. more »

Rachel celebrates one year at First Internet!

Rachel cake

Today is Rachel‘s one year anniversary at First Internet and to celebrate we’re having cake for breakfast!  We’re not just celebrating her cake, Rachel is no longer an office junior as she is now a fully fledged account manager!  Here’s to many more First Internet anniversaries with Rachel!

Low cost delivery – delivering sales this Christmas

Richard Blamire

With the announcement that in the New Year retailer Morrison’s intends to offer home delivery from their new online store for just a pound (compared to Tesco and Sainsbury’s, minimum £3 and £2.99 respectively), it got me thinking just how important reduced postage and packing costs are to successful online sales. The retail world has… more »

Payments Council reveals huge growth in online festive spend

Few people would be surprised to hear that online festive spend – in particular, purchases made using debit and credit cards via the internet during December – has increased year by year in recent times. But figures from the Payments Council show the massive growth that has been recorded by online retailers, even in spite… more »

Send your clients some Christmas cheer!

Tom Pepper

Christmas is on its way… There are only five more weekends before the big day. Have you thought about how you’re going to celebrate the festive season with your clients? One way would be to send a Christmas card through the post, but if your customer base is over a few thousand, it can be… more »

M-commerce ‘is not about mobility’

Considering that most technologically minded households now contain a laptop and a smartphone, along with potentially a tablet as well, you might imagine that most m-commerce would take place outside of the home. For instance, if you have a desktop PC or a laptop that rarely leaves the house, you would arguably use that for… more »

Google Goes Gaga


Google’s mission statement from the start was “to organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”. Google has been very successful in its mission and now dominates the digital world in most areas including search, software, online advertising technologies to name a few. With its acquisition of video sharing website, YouTube, in… more »

How responsive web design can avoid an extinction-level event

Businesses that invest in responsive web design can escape a fate worse than death – the disaster of corporate extinction, according to a Bing blog post. Senior product manager Duane Forrester writes that, while the dinosaurs had no way to defend themselves against the meteor strike that wiped them out, today’s ecommerce operators are not… more »

Prioritise your revenue over Google’s

Kat Halsall

Google has made itself an awful lot of money in its fifteen year history, have been instrumental in the rise of the internet business and are pioneers of search engine advertising.  However, the ever growing complexity of their Adwords system, especially where the Display Network is concerned, has seen revenue opportunities for themselves take precedence… more »