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October 2013

Google urge publishers to compare mobile and desktop traffic


Google have urged their AdSense publishers to compare their traffic from desktop and mobile devices – and how the ratio between the two is changing. In a post on the Inside AdSense blog, mobile specialist Federico Gomez Kodela explains that it is likely most publishers will see a long-term shift towards mobile traffic. He writes:… more »

Redesigning Our Design

Tom Parson

We’re changing the way we do things around here. Chasing waterfalls A traditional model of the design process is known as the Waterfall Model. It is so named because there are several distinct stages to the process that each flows into the next, and the next stage in the process is not commenced until the… more »

Responsive web design a must as tablet retail searches double

Tablet design

A 100% year-on-year increase in searches for retail-related terms on tablet devices has hammered home the importance of responsive web design to a whole new extent. Tablets have been the fastest growing source of retail searches for several months, and the latest BRC-Google Online Retail Monitor report confirms that this was still the case in… more »

Code Club, giving the term ‘Junior Developer’ a new meaning

Rachel Cunnane

Teaching children their way round a PC in IT lessons has been a necessity in the national curriculum for a while, but now, there is a new wave of computing being introduced to the youth of today. I present to you, Code Club, an after-school club with a digital edge. I first came across the… more »

Bing subtly shift search forwards

While Yahoo! heralded their recent logo update with a month-long (and not entirely well received) showcase of the rejected candidate logos, Bing have quietly changed theirs with seemingly no fuss whatsoever. The new, angular-looking logo is visible on the Bing UK homepage, and is part of the shift towards ‘New Bing’ as Microsoft bring together… more »



There is absolutely no doubt about it, social media has changed the way in which we live.  Not for everyone, there are certainly still some people for whom the social media revolution has passed them by and are more than resistant to change. However, those phobic of social media, (usually under the guise of thinking… more »

Search engines act on local commerce listings

The two main search engines have both recently outlined improvements to their local commerce listings – specifically local results in Google Shopping and a move towards more region-specific Bing Offers. Bing’s move is currently being tested only in the Seattle area, but a full roll-out would likely see it become possible for users to register… more »

Brand new responsive website for FSYTA

FSYTA logo

The Fire Services Youth Training Association has a brand new responsive website thanks to First Internet. The site, launched yesterday, uses responsive technology, meaning that the content adapts depending on the device you are viewing the site with, whether that’s a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

How much should our children be learning from smartphones and tablets?

Natalie Johnson

At times, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets can be a godsend for any parent and can be great for keeping children entertained. However, are we starting to rely more heavily on these devices at the detriment of doing normal activities such as reading to our children, teaching through unstructured play, playing outside and… more »

Improving SEO with the ‘outward view’

Adopting an ‘outward view’ of SEO could be the best solution to the ‘keyword not provided’ issue, according to Bing. In a blog post by Bing senior product manager Duane Forrester, the Microsoft-run search engine provides some advice for those webmasters and web marketers affected by Google’s switch to secure-only search, and the absence of… more »

Thanks for Coming!


A big thank you to everybody who came to our birthday celebration event yesterday, with talks on Mobile, User Experience, Social Media and Content Marketing. We hope you all enjoyed yourselves! If you’re interested in anything we talked about, don’t hesitate to get in touch below. If there’s anything not mentioned or you have any… more »

Google’s 15th birthday was last month – First Internet celebrate 15 years on top

Tom Pepper

Google’s 15th birthday was last month – First Internet celebrate 15 years on top Last month may have been Google’s 15th birthday, but this month it’s First Internet’s own 15th anniversary, marking a decade and a half at the forefront of the online marketing industry in the north-west. So what has changed in the 15… more »