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July 2013

‘No negative impact’ of Google+ for online marketing

The much-maligned social network Google+ has had a lukewarm reception in the online marketing community ever since its launch. Following a flurry of early-adopter sign-ups by those in the marketing industry itself, many people’s profiles have been left scarce of activity, leading some to abandon the network completely. However, an Econsultancy report reveals why it… more »

Something exciting is on its way….

It’s our fifteenth anniversary this year and we’ve got a little something special planned, so keep your eyes peeled and we’ll let you know very soon!

Google Analytics Segmentation update empowers online marketing analysis

Analysing online marketing campaigns in Google Analytics could be more powerful with the introduction of new Segmentation features. In a post on the Google Analytics blog, the search engine giant reveals several new options when analysing particular groups of website visitors. They include User Segmentation, allowing certain user groups – such as certain demographics –… more »

Congratulations to Tom!

First Internet’s Creative Director Tom Pepper completed a 60 mile bike ride on Sunday in aid of The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust and has raised nearly £300. It took him five hours to complete the ride and his average speed was a whopping 13mph! If you’d like to contribute to the cause it’s not too… more »

Bing Klout extends influence beyond social media

The issue of ‘influence’ has been hotly debated ever since Klout arrived, claiming to provide a score-based assessment of an individual’s online influence. Klout has, until recently, been concerned solely with influence on social networks – including the big ones like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But what about people who have a high degree of… more »

Online marketers bid farewell to some old friends

July 2013 has already seen the demise of a number of web-based tools that had become firm friends for online marketers the world over. The most anticipated was the discontinuation of Google Reader, which has now been replaced by a single page warning that all data that is not exported via Google Takeout will be… more »