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June 2013

Microsoft unlocks multilingual mobile social media marketing

New technologies and the ever-shrinking size of the ‘global village’ are making new marketing methods available, including, thanks to Microsoft, multilingual mobile social media marketing. That mouthful represents the development of automated translation of non-English tweets in the Twitter for Windows Phone app, making it much easier to market your products and services internationally within… more »

SEO enters the OED

The Oxford English Dictionary has announced its June 2013 update to its words list, which includes several web-related terms including the full sense of SEO, and its acronym. Listed as ‘search engine optimization’ – rather than the commonly seen spelling ‘search engine optimisation’ – SEO is included among the list of new sub-entries, rather than… more »

Social media convergence: Have Facebook made a hash of it?

Social media is a curious sphere of online marketing as technology often imitates life, with users of one social network (e.g. Facebook) frequently suspicious and disparaging of those on another (e.g. Twitter). So it should come as no surprise that many ardent Facebook fans have been left unimpressed by the news that the social network… more »

Silly search: Google patents gurning-based CAPTCHAs

If shopping online puts a smile on your face, you could soon find that logging into your favourite websites, or even on to your computer itself, requires you to smile, frown or make some other kind of facial expression. Google have patented a method of recognising whether a login request or transaction has really been… more »