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November 2012

Online shoppers want responsive web design for Christmas

As the Christmas shopping period comes to a head – and we move into December itself – the value of responsive web design has been highlighted once again. In a recent Verdict report, the retail analyst looks at the trends it expects to see emerge this festive season, amid an estimated £86 billion in Christmas… more »

Responsive web design needed as mobile to become mainstream by 2014

As 2012 nears its end, it’s worth looking ahead little more than a year, when responsive web design could become critical to cater for the majority of your website visitors. In a new study from Mind Commerce, the analyst notes that mobile web traffic now accounts for a tenth of all internet access – up… more »

Google recommends responsive web design for tablets

In recent years, the development of the mobile web has posed specific web design problems for those whose sites need to be accessed on the move. First it was WAP, and then 3G, and now mobile devices are gaining 4G support alongside Wi-Fi capabilities; so where do tablets fit into this spectrum? With larger displays… more »

Bulk editing gives large-scale control to AdWords PPC campaigns

Digital marketing agencies had reason to rejoice this week as Google unveiled bulk editing tools to make AdWords PPC campaigns easier to manage. The tools allow large-scale changes to be made across entire accounts – for example, a global 5% increase in maximum cost per click bids. Websites that have moved to a different URL… more »

Google Analytics opens up to digital marketing firms’ external data

If you use Google Analytics on your website, you may soon find you are able to incorporate external data from third-party digital marketing firms into your reports more easily. At the recent Google Analytics Summit, the search engine and website software developer discussed the innovations currently in the pipeline for Google Analytics. Many of them… more »