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October 2012

Getting eCommerce web design right as ‘clicks replace bricks’

As ‘clicks replace bricks’ in the world of consumer packaged goods, eCommerce web design can address some of the main barriers to customers shopping online for such products, while making the most of the benefits. Internet analyst Nielsen has drawn up a shortlist of two of each, terming them ‘barriers and enablers to E-commerce’, and… more »

Imagery makes all the difference

Imagery is a key ingredient in any website, whether it be illustration or photography, images invoke emotion and can instantly set the atmosphere for your website. Imagery can make the difference between a good website and an amazing website, a customer buying your product or going elsewhere, or just making your business look more professional…. more »

Google Disavow Tool puts SEO from inbound links back in webmaster control

If you’ve been worried about inbound links ever since Google’s Penguin algorithm update, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief, as the search engine’s Disavow Tool has finally come out of beta testing. The ‘tool’ is really just an easy way to tell Google of any web pages that link to you, but which… more »

Awwward Winning Websites

We’re so proud of our work that we’ve recently submitted the Children’s Adventure Farm website for a CSS award. As part of the award scheme the website will be showcased on 50 of the most popular web galleries throughout the world. This will create great publicity for the children’s charity and will do the website’s… more »

Seasonal Web Designs for CAFT

The key to having a good website is to make sure it gets updated regularly, not only does it show that you’re proactive and care about your business, it’s good for your SEO rankings. There are many ways to keep things ticking over, for example; a blog, a Twitter feed, a forum or maybe some… more »

Paid search ‘transparent and measurable’ for web marketing

Paid search continues to be a popular part of many online firms’ web marketing mix, thanks to its good levels of transparency and measurability, reports PricewaterhouseCoopers. The business analyst claims that digital advertising spend in the UK totalled £2.6 billion in the first half of 2012, including expenditure on paid search, classified ads such as… more »

Google goes on the search for EMDs

It’s been a turbulent year for SEO, with many online marketers having to revise their opinions of ‘best practice’ in light of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates. Panda penalised websites for having poor-quality content – especially if it was plagiarised from elsewhere – while Penguin did the same for sites promoted through paid link schemes… more »