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August 2012

I’m Feeling Lucky – the holy grail of ranking-based SEO

There are plenty of different ways to define the success of your Google SEO strategy, from number of hits, to total ROI, to the position you appear in each set of search results. If ranking’s your thing, Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button is more than just a gimmick – it can make the difference between… more »

‘Best in class’ firms 48% more likely to use PPC alongside SEO

‘Best in class’ firms are 21% more likely to use natural SEO, and a massive 48% more likely to invest in PPC, than those that lag behind the industry average, reports Aberdeen Group. In a newly published research brief, the analyst looks at how the very best performing companies invest in SEO in both its… more »

London 2012: Tracking mood for online marketing

Mood plays a hugely important role in online marketing, just as in the real world – and a positive-feeling customer is often much more likely to make a purchase. So understanding how events impact on mood is particularly important. EDF Energy spent the Olympic Games charting the mood of the UK as part of its… more »

We do design for print too!

Here at First Internet we specialise in web design and online marketing, but we also provide design for print such as brochures, stationary, logos etc. Today I’m going to talk about business cards – the design process and the options available to you. Content Comes First Content is king so make sure you have all… more »

Speedy(ish) Vector Art

I’ve been wanting to do a screen-cast for sometime now and I’ve finally had the chance. The video shows me using Adobe Illustrator to create some wall art for upstairs in the office. I was limited to 5 minutes recording time which was almost enough! Watch the video and see the finished artwork in situ below.

The Olympics’ legacy for Manchester SEO

Time for a final look at how the Olympics’ legacy might impact Manchester SEO efforts – and in particular, how the big names compare with the surprise heroes of London 2012. For the north-west, it’s been a successful sporting meet, with golden post boxes springing up all over the region. Central as a possibility for… more »

First-week report on Olympics SEO for Manchester firms

As the first week of the London 2012 Olympics draws to a close, let’s look away from the capital and see what we can find out about the SEO prospects for Manchester firms. You might expect all of the focus to be on London, but Google Insights for Search reveals that is not necessarily the… more »