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March 2012

Thanks to good website design Manchester City Council services are easier to find

The ease of finding information and performing tasks like paying council tax are two elements of website design Manchester City Council’s site performs particularly well on, according to a new ranking of council sites nationwide. With information easy to find and online services available and reliable, Manchester City Council was ranked among the country’s top… more »

The ten-point plan for web development Manchester City Council has revealed

There are several different aspects to the ten-point plan for web development Manchester City Council revealed earlier this month, which it said aims to make Manchester a “digital city”. Of the ten target points, three relate to connectivity – for citizens, businesses, and to position the city as a whole to attract new companies to… more »

Hooray for our How-Do nomination

First Internet is extremely pleased to announce that we’ve been nominated for a How Do Award 2012 – best SEO and PPC agency in the region. We have been around since 1998 but this is the first award we’ve gone in for and we’ve been nominated! We’re extremely proud of our SEO and PPC division… more »

For future web development Manchester firms can learn from Easter

Lessons learned over the Easter holiday period can highlight areas of web development Manchester businesses should prioritise. While companies in the gifts and greetings sector might see a direct increase in trade due to Easter orders, plenty of other firms could benefit from knock-on effects. The extra days off thanks to the bank holidays on… more »

A Slice of the Pi

Philip Tomlinson, head of development. As a software developer myself I was intrigued by the news of the recent launch of the Raspberry Pi. The concept of the Pi is to enlighten young people into the world of computer and software architecture whilst innovating good computing power at a physically small level. Amazing stuff considering… more »

What’s the point of having a stunning website if nobody can find it?

Stephen Alexander, managing director “Google it” has become THE phrase connected with finding the answer to any question.  I can’t actually remember the last time someone encouraged me to “look in the Yellow Pages”. If your website doesn’t appear high up on the Google search results when a potential customer is looking for the service you provide,… more »

United set example for social media marketing Manchester firms can follow

In recent weeks we’ve looked at their website design and their search engine optimisation, but this month it’s the social media marketing Manchester United have carried out that’s making the headlines. The football club were one of the first companies to migrate to the new Timeline on their Facebook page – and they show how… more »

World Wide Web Design

Wayne Seddon, Designer How many of us truly explore the web? Your average internet user has their daily routine of visiting certain websites i.e. chatting to friends on Facebook, checking emails, or shopping on Ebay, and they very rarely break out of this routine and travel further afield on the web. But there’s a whole… more »

Impacts on SEO Manchester webmasters may see after Google’s Privacy Policy change

There are several impacts on SEO Manchester webmasters may see in the coming weeks, following Google’s revisions to its Privacy Policy, which now spans effectively all of its many and varied online services. Media outlets of all kinds have reported on internet privacy in light of the move – even Children’s BBC led with the… more »