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February 2012

A “window” to the past…

Graham Robinson, creative director. Bill Gates once stated that it was his dream to have a computer running the Windows operating system in every household. With the news today about the Raspberry Pi being released, the rise of cloud computing and the success of mobile operating systems, his vision is sounding increasingly out-dated. The Raspberry… more »

With social media marketing Manchester firms can turn risks into benefits

With efforts to target mobile browsers and social media marketing Manchester companies can capitalise on some of the city’s unique internet capabilities. In a report from Norton and Sperling’s BestPlaces, Manchester is named as the riskiest city in Europe for cybercrime, due to high social networking uptake and the prevalence of Wi-Fi hotspots across the… more »

How can I get the most out of my website?

Julaine Speight, marketing manager. Clients regularly come to us for advice on how to make the best of their recently developed website. Having assumed that a revamped website would instantly attract sales or enquiries they have been left underwhelmed by the response. Having an attractive website is only the starting point for what should really… more »

Coloured-in web design Manchester-style

Last week we looked at one aspect of web design Manchester sites are using to reach the top of the search results – their on-page SEO. But once you arrive there, what are the other types of web design Manchester properties use to enhance your experience? One often-overlooked consideration is that of colour: it can… more »

Designing a website without content is like designing a tailor made suit without the measurements.

Wayne Seddon, Designer The finished product may look great but if nothing fits, it’s going to look stupid! There are many articles debating which is more important, your website’s content or the design of your website. The truth is, they’re both equally important and neither one would work well without the other. Your website could… more »

The types of SEO Manchester’s top performers use

A front-page listing for the single word ‘Manchester’ is a holy grail of SEO Manchester firms of all sorts and sizes would probably relish. So what do you have to do to get there? I took a look at the types of SEO Manchester’s highest-listed sites have in place. I used Google’s link: and site:… more »

Give me more! The modern day internet user

Phil Tomlinson – Head of Development At the end of the last century the Internet went through its boom years. Businesses discovered a new way to reach their consumers. Retailers were able to open shops to customers 24 hours a day. Invaluable educational resources were made available to millions. The cost of having an Internet… more »

News is a powerful tool of website design Manchester webmasters can use

There are plenty of different facets of website design Manchester webmasters can choose from – and recently we’ve looked at the power of local SEO to reach your geographic market. But today we’re addressing one form of website design Manchester companies may have missed – the power of news. Adding a news section to your… more »