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August 2011

The Importance of SEO

The internet is now the first place (and often only place) where people search to find products and services. Many businesses think that as long as they have a website they will get more and more customers. This is not strictly true. The internet is a very broad platform where millions of websites exist. It… more »

Riotous Behaviour with BBM

Social media has once again been making headlines but this time it’s not just Facebook and Twitter that are the key platforms but there’s a third, new kid on the blog; Blackberry Messenger. Blackberry Messenger – or BBM as it is known – is seen to be the most powerful social media tool for the… more »

The Importance of Web Development for Business

Web development is not just about making a website look the part; web development is what makes a website functional. Web development should always be approached with the user in mind. A website is a way for a business to gain customers by promoting what the company is all about. Other websites go one step… more »