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December 2010

Google Webmaster Tools reveals new features for SEO users

Significant SEO feature updates have been made to Google Webmaster Tools which will provide more in depth information on search queries data. The new addition is the Top Pages capability. The statistics that are available to view include each query that is searched for and the individual web page is then visited as a result…. more »

The Social Network receives critical acclaim

There really is no escaping the phenomenon that is Facebook. Even if you are not one of over 500 million users, it is guaranteed that you will have heard of it. The impact of the social media network on society is quite exceptional and it is now the leading social media website, after overtaking MySpace… more »

Let the battle commence: Amazon Kindle vs Google eBooks

The heat is on! Google have announced that they will now be rivalling the Amazon Kindle with their own ebook facility, called Google Editions. The brand new ebook software will allow readers to purchase ebooks from websites of independent bookshops. Users will be able to create their own online library which will be accessible on… more »

New E-commerce Website for IL2L

As always, First Internet have used their web design expertise to create an e-commerce website that is cutting-edge and fully complements the essence and tone of the client and its products. IL2L have a comprehensive selection of leather jackets and accessories for both men and women. Browse the site with ease and view quality leather… more »

Wikileaks, The Great Controversy

The Wikileaks controversy of the last week continues to rumble on. It all began when hundreds of thousands of previously confidential diplomatic documents were released into the public domain by Julian Assange’s whistle blowing website released documents well ahead of the “fifty year rule” that much of the documentation was protected by. The documents referred… more »