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November 2010

First Internet Have Launched the new Louise Gee Consultancy Website

As a registered member of the Health Professions Council and the British Psychology Society, Louise Gee is a highly qualified and skilled clinical psychologist. Providing tailored, efficient and flexible clinical psychology services, she approached First Internet to provide her with a website solution which showcased her qualifications and the services she provides. With a fresh… more »

Social Media Creates Faceless Anger

The recent student demonstrations have shown how social media has changed the way in which protests are conducted. Social media networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, provide platforms for people who have no connection to each other to discuss certain issues. This can fuel anger and create mass demonstrations without authorities being able to identify… more »

Twitter Terrorist brought to Justice

Paul Chambers got a bigger reaction than he had bargained for when, back in January, he tweeted, “C***! Robin Hood Airport closed. You have got a week to get your s*** together, otherwise I’m blowing the airport sky high!’ The comment triggered a chain of events including losing his job and being questioned by police… more »

Ask.com withdraws from Search Engine Competition

Ask.com have recently announced that they can no longer try to rival the search engine giant, Google and are narrowing their focus to simply providing answers to questions through an unnamed search engine. Originally emerging as AskJeeves.com, the theory behind the search engine was to enable users to submit queries in the form of questions… more »