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October 2010

New Firefox Tool Highlights Password Security Issues

A new Firefox extension has been revealed which makes stealing Twitter and Facebook passwords from public wireless networks a doddle for even the least technologically minded amongst us. Eric Butler, a developer from Seattle, released the new tool, named Firesheep, on Sunday. Of course, password stealing is not a new concept by any means. For… more »

Plum site goes live

The brand new Plum e-commerce site has gone live! First Internet designed and developed the site which sells high-end designer fashion for women and children. First Internet designed a bespoke content management system for the site.

Greater Manchester Police “Tweet” all Calls

The uses of Twitter have now surpassed simply letting your friends know what you are up to at any given time. Greater Manchester Police have taken “tweeting” to a new level by posting every incident dealt with over the period of 24 hours. The idea to openly share this information with the public was conceived… more »

More Control for Facebook Users

Up until now, communicating via Facebook means either telling everyone on your Friends list or else sending a private message to one individual. But what about when you just want to contact a specific group of your friends? Well now Facebook have the answer. Facebook aim to make social networking mirror the way in which… more »

Google Introduces New URL Shortener

Google have unveiled their own version of a URL shortening system for use by the general public. Originally launched in December 2009, goo.gl was for Google’s own systems including Google News and Picasa Web Albums but now everyone can use the feature. Goo.gl is more basic compared to other versions such as bit.ly. Each time… more »