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June 2010

A New Website Design for Manchester Driveways

Understanding the need to have a significant online presence in today’s market, Manchester Driveways turned to First Internet to provide them with an attractive digital web design solution which did not sacrifice quality or functionality. Our goal as experienced Manchester website designers was to provide a website design which would be an excellent online marketing… more »

The iPad and Web Design

So you know what it looks like the details of the specs and so on, but what’s the iPad really like? The truth is that it is only when you actually get your hands of Apple’s latest piece of innovation that it really begins to make sense. It’s light enough to be perfectly manageable in… more »

Are you using an outdated web browser?

If you’re one of the 7% of internet users still using Internet Explorer 6, then now is the time to think about upgrading to a more modern web browser. You run a higher risk of virus infection or identity theft, and with Google officially dropping support for IE6 in January 2010, many of your favourite… more »

What is the Key to Behavioural Targeting?

Behavioural targeting could well define the future of internet advertising. The principle is simply the better you understand users, the more accurately you can target the. But where do we draw the line in collecting and collating the data. And who’s going to draw it? Behavioural targeting is no longer a fledgling technology. The first… more »

Whats next for Online?

Here at First Internet, we stand by our theory that ‘time’ in the online industry should be measured in dog years- such is the rate in arrivals of industry-shaking marketing ideas and era-defining technologies. It has been six months since we last momentarily stopped, drew breath and took stock of the recent developments in online… more »

Social Shopping and Web Design

We knew it wouldn’t be long until the social networking sites integrated a shopping platform into their web design. The increase in users and time spent on site indicates that users are clearly embracing social networking. We trust status updates and tweets from our friends or followers so it would be a natural transition for… more »

Choosing Digital for Entertainment

The internet has always been a medium where free content is natural and we have come to expect it. Whether it be an article, document or video content we are used to viewing these without having to pay. In a recent study carried out by Edelman, it stated that the internet came second for entertainment… more »